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Terms of Trade for buying our liners

Terms Of Trade

The prices listed do not include GST. Manakau Village Nurseries Ltd (hereafter referred to as MVN) reserves the right to alter listed prices as necessary without prior notice.

Terms of Sale
New and casual customers are required to pay cash with their first order. Customers applying for credit must supply three credit references. Where credit is granted, all accounts must be paid in full, including tray and tube deposits, by the 20th of the month following despatch. Should the Purchaser’s credit worthiness be in doubt, we shall be entitled to withhold delivery until payment is made. Overdue accounts will attract an interest rate of 2% per month until paid. Any default in payment shall make all money payable by the Purchaser immediately due. The purchaser shall be liable for all debt recovery costs.

Limitation of Liability
MVN is not liable in respect of any failure to deliver or delay in delivery due to circumstances beyond our control of any nature. MVN will take all care to ensure all plants sold will be true to name and description. In no circumstances shall MVN be liable for any consequential loss by the Purchaser and/or any third party. Should a claim be made to MVN in respect of product quality, such a claim will only be recognised if MVN is advised of the details of the claim in writing within seven days of the Purchaser receiving the goods. MVN’s liability shall not exceed replacement of the goods in question or a credit to the equivalent value of the returned goods.

Delivery and Freight
Dates given for delivery will not be treated as conditions of sale. MVN will endeavour to meet all delivery dates but no claim shall be made by the Purchaser on account of late delivery, howsoever caused. Once the goods are loaded onto transport bound for the Purchasers delivery address, the risk of the goods is passed from MVN to the Purchaser. MVN accepts no responsibility for any damage incurred during or after delivery of the goods. Freight, tubes and trays, packaging and crating is not included in the listed price and will be charged at cost.

Packing Slips, Invoices and Statements
You will receive a packing note with your order. Please check that your order matches the packing note immediately upon receipt. If there is any discrepancy, let us know right away. Statements are sent out via email in the first week of the month following your delivery.

Retention of Title
Legal ownership of the goods shall remain with MVN until full payment has been received.

Minimum quantity available in one variety:
25 plants in 5cm pot (1/2 tray x 5cm)
16 plants in 7cm pot (1/2 tray x 7cm)
Full cell trays only
Minimum total order available:
– 100 plants in 5cm pot (2 trays x 5cm)
– 64 plants in 7cm pot (2 trays x 7cm)
5cm tube lines are sold 50 plants per tray. 7cm tube lines are sold 32 plants per tray.
Where orders are dispatched in cartons via general courier, we may adjust plant numbers to get you the best value.

Plastic Interworld trays and tubes are charged out as one unit @ $11.00 +GST
Short plastic stacking legs are charged out @ 44 cents each +GST
Tall plastic stacking legs are charged out @ 64 cents each +GST
Empty plastic Interworld trays are charged out at @ $5.55 each +GST
Cell 56 trays are charged out @ $4.25 each +GST
Cell 60 trays are charged out @ $3.80 each +GST
Cell 144 trays are charged out @ $4.95 each +GST
5cm tubes are charged out @ 11 cents each +GST
7cm tubes are charged out @ 13 cents each +GST

Payment by direct credit is preferred. This can be done via internet or phone banking. Cash on pickup can be accepted by arrangement - note that we do not generally keep change on the premises. We no longer accept payment by cheque, and we do not have EFTPOS facilities.

Trays, tubes and stacking legs returned in a satisfactory condition within 60 days will be given full credit. All other returns will be credited at our discretion and may be subject to a reducing credit scale based on time since purchase and condition of returns. Only trays, tubes and stacking legs supplied by MVN will be accepted for credit. MVN trays are white-branded. Freight on return is paid by the Purchaser.
Consign returns to: Manakau Village Nurseries Ltd
10 Tame Porati St

- As of 2016 our trays are now branded white.
- As of 2021 we are no longer accepting return of yellow branded trays.

Acceptance of Terms
Placement of an order constitutes an acceptance of the Terms of Trade contained in this document.

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