Plant Descriptions

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Descriptors Propagation         Tube/cell
E = Evergreen C = Cutting 5 = 5cm tube
D = Deciduous S = Seed 7 = 7cm tube
SD = Semi-deciduous D = Division 8 = 8cm pot
H = Hardy   56 = Cell tray, 56 cells
HH = Half-hardy   60 = Cell tray, 60 cells
    144 = Cell tray, 144 cells

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Species Description
Anemanthele lessoniana (Bamboo Grass) Formerly Oryzopsis lessoniana. Attractive, weeping habit with bronze coloured foliage. Good for dry shady spots or full sun. Requires good drainage. E. H. 1m
Aristotelia serrata (Makomako / Wineberry) This fast-growing, colonising, small tree has serrated green leaves with purplish undersides. Panicles of pink flowers in Spring followed by red-black berries. Attracts native birds. Wet tolerant. Full sun to moderate shade. H. SD. 6m x 4m.
Arthropodium cirrhatum (Renga Renga / NZ Rock Lily) Forms neat clumps with hundreds of small white flowers on numerous stems. Shade. E. FT. 60cm x 60cm
Arthropodium Matapouri Bay This cirrhatum cultivar has large flower heads and broad luxuriant leaves. E. FT. 75cm x 75cm
Arthropodium Parnell Compact growth habit. Has broader leaves, 6cm wide x 20cm long and grey-green colour. White flowers on 40cm stems. E. FT.
Austroderia fulvida (syn. Cortaderia fulvida) Relatively smaller and a little less hardy than the other austroderia, fulvida forms a large tussock. The graceful, drooping plumes are pinkish-cream maturing to ivory. E. H. 1.2m x 2m
Austroderia toetoe (syn. Cortaderia toetoe) NZ's largest endemic grass and most commonly grown.Found in wetlands, on riverbanks as well as sandhills it forms dense tussocks up to 2 metres tall with creamy white plumes on 4m stems in summer. E. H. 2m x 2m
Buxus microphylla Koreana Naturally low growing, spreading buxus with small locket shaped leaves. The vibrant green foliage turns bronze with the cold in winter. Plant under other plants to keep green colour through winter.
Buxus sempervirens Graham Blandy Striking upright, narrow, columnar growth. A natural topiary specimen requiring little pruning. Dense dark green foliage. E. H. 2 x .5m
Buxus sempervirens Popular 'English box' hedging. Glossy, dark green, elliptical foliage. Trim to required height. E. H.
Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa Edging Box. Low compact form, glossy dark green rounded leaves. Slow growing. E. H. 30cm x 30cm
Camellia Ballet Dancer Japonica. Medium sized peony flower of cream, shaded coral pink on petal edges. Early to late flowering season. Compact and upright growth. E. H. 2.5cm x 2m
Camellia Ballet Queen Hybrid. Large peony form of salmon pink. Mid to late flowering . Medium upright growth. E. H. 2.5m x 2m
Camellia Barbara Clarke Hybrid. Vigorous, compact, upright habit of growth. Medium sized, semi-double, rose pink blooms. E. H. 2m x 1.5m
Camellia Beatrice Emily Sasanqua. Red buds open to creamy white with deep pink margins on outer petals. Informal double. Tall, open habit of growth. E. H. 2.5m x 2m.
Camellia Brian Reticulata japonica. Compact, upright growth. Mid to late season flowering of pale, cyclamen pink blooms. E. H. 3m x 2m
Camellia Cinnamon Cindy Hybrid. Strong, upright growing. Miniature flowers of white tinged with pink, are semi-double to rose form. Fragrant. Early to late season. Lends itself to shaping. E. H. 1.5 x 1m.
Camellia Cornish Snow Hybrid. Open erect growth habit with dark green foliage. Pink-flushed buds open to white with occasional pink blush. Dainty, miniature, single flowers in abundance mid to late season. E. H.
Camellia Coronation Japonica. Large, white, semi-double. Vigorous with an open, spreading growth habit. Flowers mid-season. E. H.
Camellia Crimson King Sasanqua. Glowing crimson-red single blooms with attractively twisted petals and yellow stamens. Medium sized blooms, dark green foliage and a dense spreading habit. Flower early season. Superb example. E. H. 1.5m x 1m.
Camellia Crimson Tide Sasanqua.Semi-double, crimson red with interesting twisted petals which have a crepe paper like texture. A dense, spreading habit with rich green foliage. E. H.
Camellia Debbie Hybrid. Medium to large peony form of clear rose to deep cyclamen-pink. Upright growth with pale green foliage. Flowers mid-season. E. H.
Camellia Debutante Japonica. A medium sized peony bloom of clear, light pink appears early to mid season on a bush of light green foliage. E. H. 2.2m x 2m
Camellia Desire Japonica. Large, formal, double with incurved petals of ivory-white, blushed pink on edges. Mid season. Bushy habit. E. H. 2.5m x 2m
Camellia Dr. Tinsley Hybrid. Medium semi-double flower of pale pink with slightly darker edges. Mid to late season. Slender, erect growth. E. H. 2.5m x 2m
Camellia Dreamboat Hybrid. Bright pink with lavender cast. Large informal double blooms with incurved petals. Average, open, upright growth. Flowers mid season. E. H.
Camellia Elegans Champagne Japonica. Large anemone blooms with waxy-white outer petals and creamy petaloids. Spreading, bushy growth and deeply serrated foliage. Flowers early to mid-season. E. H. 2m x 2m.
Camellia Elegans Splendour Japonica. Very large anemone form of soft, light pink edged with white. Outer petals are serrated. Flowers early to mid season. Spreading habit of growth. E. H. 2m x 2m
Camellia Fairy Blush Sansanqua. Graceful habit of growth with dark green foliage. Masses of dark pink buds form along the stem and open to small white flowers flushed with pink. Hedging or specimen shrub. E. H. 3m x 2m
Camellia Fairy Wand Hybrid. Masses of small, semi double flowers of rosy-red bloom along the stems from early winter. Upright growth. E. H. 2m x 1.5m
Camellia Fire Falls Hybrid. Glowing crimson, medium to large peony blooms. Vigorous upright growth habit. Flowers mid-season. E. H. 2.5m x 2m.
Camellia Freedom Bells Williamsii. Showy, bright red, semi double, bell shaped flowers from late winter. Vigorous, upright growth habit. E. H. 2.5m x 2.5m
Camellia Gay Baby Hybrid. Miniature semi-double blooms of deep orchid-pink. Open, upright habit of growth. Flowers mid-season. E. H. 2m x 1.5m.
Camellia Guillio Nuccio Japonica. Large to very large, semi-double, coral rose-pink blooms with irregular petals. Vigorous upright growth. E. H.
Camellia Gwenneth Morey Japonica. Large anemone form with white outer petals and cream-to-primrose-yellow petaloids. Average upright growth. Flowers mid to late-season. E. H. 2m x 2m.
Camellia Jennifer Susan Sasanqua. Soft clear pink, semi-double with curled petals. Vigorous, upright grower. Early flowering. E. H. 2 x 1.5m.
Camellia Jubilation Hybrid. Very large, rose form flowers of clear rose-pink flecked with a deeper pink. Mid to late season flowering. Upright growth. E. H. 2.5 x 2m
Camellia K. Sawada Japonica. Large, white, formal double blooms. Vigorous, semi-upright growth. Flowers mid-season. E. H.
Camellia Kanjiro Hiemalis sasanqua. Large single to semi-double flowers of deep cerise pink shading paler at the centre and base of the petals. Vigorous, tall and bushy growth. Early flowering. E. H.
Camellia Midnight Japonica. Black-red buds open to medium-large crimson, semi-double to anemone form, mid to late season. Dark green foliage. E. H. 2m x 1.5m
Camellia Moshio Japonica. Medium sized, semi-double with open recurving petals. Free flowering flame-red blooms. Upright, compact grower. Flowers mid-season. E. H. 2.5m x 2m.
Camellia Nicky Crisp Hybrid. Large semi-double blooms of cool pink have deeply notched petals and golden anthers. Slow growing with dark green, finely serated leaves. NZ raised. Early to late season flowering. H. E.
Camellia Peach Blossom Japonica. Medium sized semi-double blooms with delicate-pink petals flushed deeper pink at the flower's heart. Medium compact grower. Mid-season flowering. E. H. 2.5m x 2m.
Camellia Roger Hall Japonica. Small to medium, formal double flowers of bright red. Long flowering period from early to late season. E. H. 2.5 x 2m
Camellia sinensis Species. This medium sized camellia is best known for producing tea. Glossy, serrated leaves and dainty white flowers with buttery anthers. E. H.
Camellia Spring Festival Hybrid. Miniature, soft-pink, rose to semi-double. flowering mid to late season. Upright with small foliage. E. H. 1.5m x 1m
Camellia Tanya Sasanqua. Single blooms of deep rose-pink. New foliage coloured red. Slow, spreading bushy growth. Flowers in early Spring. E. H. 1m x 1.2m.
Camellia transnokoensis Species. Clusters of flushed pink buds open to exquisite, tiny, single white flowers with white, gold-tipped stamens. Dense tiny foliaged bush. Mid to late-season flowering. E. H. 1.5m x 1m.
Camellia Yuletide Vernalis sasanqua. Early to mid season flowering. Small single flowers of brilliant orange-red with prominent yellow anthers. Slow growing with an upright compact habit. E. H. 2.5 x 2m
Carex buchananii N.Z. native grass with narrow, tough leaves of rich, reddish brown which arch outwards to form an upright, graceful, vase shape. E. H. 80cm x 50cm
Carex comans Frosted Curls Graceful, dwarf, tussock-like plant has pale green foliage with bleached ends that curl at the tips. More erect than C. Comans. Inconspicuous pale green flower spikes. E. H. 40cm x 45cm
Carex dipsacea (Tahoata) Attractive green tussock with an upright growth habit. E. H.
Carex dissita Forms clumps of bright green, graceful foliage with very striking dark flower and seed spikes. E. H. 45-80cm
Carex flagellifera green This form of C. flagellifera has shining, lush green foliage. E. H. 40cm x 50cm
Carex flagellifera (syn. lucida) N.Z. native, dwarf grass coloured light brown to bronze-purple, pinkish when young. 30cm x 1mm foliage is tapering, slender and curving. E. H. 40cm x 50cm
Carex secta (Purei / Pukio) Arching clump of attractive, slender, bright green foliage. Good to moist soil. Sun. H. 45cm x 45cm
Carex solandrii Attractive, graceful, weeping, bright green grass with dark seed heads. E. H. 40cm
Carex testacea N.Z. native grass with distinctive green and terracotta foliage that forms a loosely tufted clump. E. H. 50cm x 60cm
Carex trifida Robust, tall, weeping grass of green changing to blue-green as it matures. A handsome plant with attractive large seed heads in Summer. E. H. 1m x 75cm
Carex virgata Similar to Carex secta but with a more upright habit and with erect flower spikes. E. H.
Chionocloa flavicans (Miniature Toetoe) Very hardy tussock grass bearing silky, golden tassels in Summer and Autumn. E. H. 1m x 1m
Choisya ternata (Mexican Orange Blossom) Dense medium sized shrub with aromatic, glossy, bright green leaves composed of 3 leaflets. Clusters of fragrant-white blooms in Spring and often again in Autumn. E. H. 2m x 1.5m
Clematis montana Rubens Popular, deciduous climber. Masses of fragrant-pink flowers in Spring. New growth is reddish in colour. Likes moist, well drained soil. D. H.
Clematis montana Snowflake (syn. spoonerii) This vigorous climber is smothered in masses of single white flowers with yellow anthers in late Spring. D. H.
Coleonema pulchrum Sunset Gold (Golden Diosma) Hardy, evergreen dwarf shrub with fine, bright-golden foliage. Masses of pink, starry flowers from Winter to Spring. E. H. 40cm x 1m
Coprosma acerosa A sprawling grouncover with divaricating, wiry, golden-brown branchlets and foliage. Great coastal plant. E. H. 30cm x 1m
Coprosma acerosa Hawera Prostrate, spreading plant. Attractive olive-green foliage. Very hardy, tolerates dry exposed sites. Great coastal plant. E. H.
Coprosma acerosa Red Rocks Attractive, divaricating, mound forming ground cover. Fine red foliage on red stems. E. H. 20cm.
Coprosma Black Cloud (syn. Dark Cloud) Attractive shrub with small, glossy, dark green-chocolate brown leaves, which darken to almost black in Winter. E. H. 1m x 1m
Coprosma Middlemore Compact bushy shrub with glossy, rich-green foliage. Similar to repens but hardier to frosts. E. H. 1 x 1m
Coprosma propinqua (Mingimingi) The divaricating branches and twiggy, tangling branchlets have brown-dark grey bark and small green leaves. Small pale flowers occur in Spring, followed by translucent blue drupes in Autumn. Ideal for wet or windy sites. E.H. 3x2.5m
Coprosma rhamnoides This low growing, very hardy, spreading coprosma has divaricating branchlets sparsely covered with small deep green leaves. Solitary flowers in spring are followed by small red berries turning dark crimson in winter. E. H. 80 x 80cm
Coprosma robusta (Karamu) Fast growing coloniser with dark-green elliptic leaves. Showy clusters of bright orange-red fruit in Autumn attract birds. Very hardy. E. H. 2m - 5m
Coprosma Taiko Excellent prostrate shrub for ground-cover effect. Dark-green small leaves. Very dense and compact. E. H.
Cordyline australis (Cabbage Tree / Ti Kouka) Evergreen hardy small to medium palm-like tree. Long strap-like leaves. Large clusters of small white flowers. E. H. 6m
Corokia buddleoides x cheesemanii Multi branched shrub with narrow green leaves. Red berries in autumn follow yellow flowers in spring. Great hedging plant. Attracts birds. Hybrid of C. macrocarpa and C. cotoneaster. E. H. 2.5m x 1m
Corokia cotoneaster North Cape Prostrate to semi-erect form from Surville Cliffs, North Cape of NZ. Starry yellow flowers. Slow growing. Ideal for rockeries, tubs etc. E. H.
Corokia Frosted Chocolate Virgata.Dense shrub with glossy, chocolate-brown leaves. Darkens with Winter months. E. H. 3m x 1m
Corokia Geentys Green Virgata.Hardy native shrub with bright green foliage and upright habit. E. H. 2.5m x 1.5m
Cyperus ustulatus (Giant umbrella sedge / Toetoe Upoko-tangata) A large and robust tussock with broad, glossy leaves. Ideal revegetation or environmental coastal plant for damp or wet areas. Distinctive flower stems are up to 1.2m tall. E. H. 60-100cm tall.
Dacrycarpus dacrydioides (Kahikatea) Tall forest tree found in lowland swampy areas. E. H. 50m
Deutzia magicien Hybrid. A vigorous, erect and bushy shrub.The profuse large flowers are mauve-pink edged white and tinted purple on the reverse. Spring flowering. D. H. 1.5 x 1.2m
Dodonea viscosa purpurea (Purple Ake Ake) Growth habit as for D. viscosa. Purple-bronze to deep purple foliage. Develops better color if grown in tougher conditions. E. H. 3m x 2m
Dodonea viscosa (Ake Ake) Bushy, erect, small native tree with long shiny-bright, upstanding, green leaves. Attractive, brown, flaky bark. Wind-resistant and coastal-tolerant. E. H. 4m x 2m
Escallonia Red Dream Low growing shrub with glossy, bright green foliage and a profusion of rosy-red flowers summer-autumn. E. H.
Euonymus japonicus Emerald Gem Nick-named box leaf euonymus.Dense, compact habit with small, narrow, glossy mid-green foliage. E.H. 50cm
Feijoa sellowiana Dense, bushy, rich-green, small tree with deep-red 'Myrtus' style flowers. Bears luscious, oval, green fruit in Autumn. E. H. 2.5m x 2m
Felicia Blue Jay Healthy, compact habit of growth. Mid-green foliage with sky-blue daisy-like flowers. E. H. 45cm x 45cm
Ficinia nodosa (Knobby clubrush / syn. Isolepsis nodosa) A quick growing, tough, clump forming rush-like plant with upright, often arching, dark green stems and attractive reddy-brown globular flowerheads. H. E. 70cm
Fuchsia Candy Bells (syn. Lottie Hobbie) Charming, compact upright miniature. Smothered in tiny, bell-shaped flowers of deep pink for much of the year.The mid green leaves have toothed margins. E. H. 90cm
Fuchsia magellanica Tricolor Free flowering with arching branches and pendant flowers of scarlet and purple. Variegated leaves are green margined creamy yellow and flushed pink. E. FT. 2m x 1m
Fuchsia procumbens Creeping fuchsia' groundcover & trailing plant. Attractive dainty fuchsia flowers followed by attractive red fruits. SD. H.
Griselinia littoralis Broadway Mint A popular cultivar of littoralis with bright green foliage. Hedging. Coastal. E. H. 3 x 2m
Griselinia littoralis Canterbury This selection has a tidy and more compact growth habit. Smaller leafed littoralis with the added bonus of attractive red stems. E. H. 3m x 2m
Griselinia littoralis (Kapuka) Fast growing, densely branched, small tree. Lush, polished, deep green foliage. Tiny, yellow-green flowers in Spring. Hedging. Coastal E. H. 3m x 2m
Hebe albicans A low growing, spreading and muti-branched shrub with blue-green foliage. Densely packed spikes of white flowers with puple anthers smother the plant mid summer through autumn. H.E 60 x 75cm
Hebe diosmifolia (major) Low spreading habit with dense, dark-green foliage. Pale-lavender flowers in early Spring. E. H. 75cm
Hebe diosmifolia (minor) Bushy, dark green shrub with narrow lance-shaped leaves. Pale lilac flowers form in clusters near the branch tips in late spring. E. H. 1m x 80cm
Hebe diosmifolia mauve An attractive well behaved, easy care hebe with tight mid green foliage and masses of soft mauve flower spikes through spring and summer. E.H. 1m x 1m
Hebe Emerald Gem (syn. Emerald Green / McKeanii) Small, cushion-like multibranched shrub. Bright green semi whipcord foliage.Small white flowers towards ends of branchlets in summer. E.H 30cm x 45cm.
Hebe Mary Antoinette Spreading shrub with dark green foliage. Undersides of new shoots are magenta-pink. Terminal racemes of deep crimson in bud open to cerise from Spring to Autumn. E. H. 50cm x 75cm
Hebe pinguifolia Sutherlandii A selected spreading form of pinguifolia. Grey-green foliage. White flowers in short, thick spikes in Summer. Great groundcover.E.H. 35cm x 90cm
Hebe stricta Medium to tall growing variety . Long flower spikes of white to mauve in Summer. E. H. 2m
Hebe topiaria Always very neat and rounded shape. Fleshy, mid-green, slightly glossy foliage. Bears white flowers in Summer. Can be used as a low hedge. E. H. 50cm
Hebe Totara Blue Large blue-lilac flowers bloom on the branch tips from mid-Summer to early Spring. Forms a rounded bush of glossy green foliage. E. H. 1x1m
Hebe townsonii Erect, bushy habit with abundant buds of mauve opening to white flowers in Spring. E. H. 1m
Hebe Waireka The variegated form of H. fransiscana Blue Gem. The leaves are broadly margined and overlaid with creamy-yellow. Very popular low-growing Hebe, has large spikes of violet-blue flowers in summer. E. H. 90cm x 90cm
Hebe Wiri Mist Compact, spreading shrub has green fleshy foliage. Short stems of white flowers smother the plant for a long period in Spring. E. H. 50cm x 90cm
Hebe Wiri Prince Tall and vigorous with dark green and fleshy foliage. Long racemes of deep purple flowers in Winter and again in Summer. E. H. 1.5m x 1m
Hydrangea Ayesha (syn. Silver Slipper) Macrophylla. Hortensia. Distinctive dense flattened heads of fleshy, cup shaped florets. Soft shell-pink to pinky mauve in neutral -lime conditions. Gentle mauve-lilac to blue in acid soils. More tolerant of salt and wind than most. D. HH.
Hydrangea Birgit Blue (syn. Bridget Blue) Macrophylla. Hortensia. Large flowers open a pale blue and cream maturing to a deep blue. Free flowering and compact growth. D.H. 70 cm
Hydrangea Blaumeisse (syn. Bluetit / Tiny Bird) Macrophylla. Lace cap. Prolific flowering. Dainty heads of brilliant cobalt-blue florets encircle pale turquoise true flowers. Compact, vigorous growth. D. H. 2m
Hydrangea Blue Deckle Serrata. Large deckle-edged sepals of soft powder-blue surround the pale blue true flowers. A soft smoky-pink in soils with PH over 6.Suited to small gardens and pots as well. D.H. 60cm.
Hydrangea Blue Wave Macrophylla. Lacecap blooms of gentian-blue varying to pink in certain soils. Best in semi-shade. Strong grower of medium size. D. H.
Hydrangea Bodensee Macrophylla. A compact habit, long flowering season and healthy nature ensure the popularity of this pink mop head. Suited to pots and tubs as well as the garden. D. H. 1.2m
Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet Macrophylla. Hortensia. Compact bush smothered with white blooms throughout summer. D. H. 1m
Hydrangea General Patton Macrophylla. Hortensia. Rosy-red colour in tight heads. Tends to keep reddish colour even in slightly acid soils. Violet in very acid conditions. Medium height. D. H. 1m
Hydrangea Geoffrey Chadbund Macrophylla. Lacecap. Impressive large sterile flowers of dark pink. D.H. 1.5m
Hydrangea Hadfield Rose Macrophylla. Hortensia. Has rich pink flowers. D. H. Over 1m
Hydrangea Hamburg Macrophylla. Hortensia. Attractive dark green foliage. Lovely large blue flowers with fimbriated petals through summer turning wine-red in autumn. D.H. 1.5m
Hydrangea Holstein Macrophylla. Hortensia. Has large heads of clear sky-blue. D. H. Over 1m
Hydrangea Immaculata Macrophylla. Hortensia. Flowers of pure white. Luxuriant foliage of dark green. D. H. 1.2m x 1m
Hydrangea Le Cygne (syn. Alberta / White Swan) Macrophylla. Hortensia. Large rounded heads of charming white flowers on a medium sized shrub. D. H. 1m x 1m
Hydrangea Libelle Macrophylla. Lacecap blooms with large, pure white sterile florets, fertile flowers blue. D. H. 1m x 1m
Hydrangea Madame Bardsee Macrophylla. Hortensia. A dense compact plant with round flowerheads of glowing cherry-red. Early flowering. Good for tubs. D. H. 1.5m
Hydrangea Mariesii Macrophylla. Lacecap. Masses of soft pink florets with blue true flowers or white with soft hint of pink. D. H. 2m
Hydrangea Masja (syn. Majestic) Macrophylla. Hortensia. Dwarf and hardy. Lush dark green foliage with rich, glowing red flowers. Early flowering with a second flush late season. D. H. 1m
Hydrangea Matilda Geutges Macrophylla. Hortensia. One of the most free-flowering blue mop head hydrangea. Dwarf-medium. D. H. 60cm
Hydrangea Merveille Sanguine (syn. Raspberry Crush) Macrophylla. Hortensia. Attractive crinkled leaves with large flowerheads of rich blood- red. D. H. 1.5m
Hydrangea Miss Belgium Macrophylla. Hortensia. Flowers of rosy-red on a medium sized shrub. D. H. 1m x 1m
Hydrangea Nightingale Macrophylla lace cap. Rich, cornflower blue blooms compliment the dark green foliage. Compact growth habit. Also does well in warmer coastal climates. D. H. 1.5m
Hydrangea Nigra Macrophylla. Distinctive black-stemmed cultivar. Rose florets or occasionally blue. Medium size bush. D. H.
Hydrangea Piamina A truly dwarf specimen, rarely exceeds 60cm. Flowers are pink to pale red. Excellent as border or container plant. D. H. 60cm
Hydrangea Preziosa Serrata.Flowers constantly change colour. The small heads open green, through yellow, then white to pink to red and finally maroon -wine red no matter the soil type.Reddish stems and red-hued foliage. Needs slight shade.D.H. 1.5m
Hydrangea Renate Steiniger Macrophylla. Hortensia. Classic large mop heads of bright blue turn green-tinged crimson in Autumn. One of the best blues. D. H. 1.5m
Hydrangea Rose Supreme Macrophylla. Hortensia. Large flowers of deep rose-pink. Medium height. D. H. 90cm
Hydrangea Sabrina Macrophylla. Mophead. Compact and bushy habit. The foliage is dark red at first, maturing to a lush, dark green. The flowerhead is made up of white petals edged with dark red. D. H. 1m x 1m
Hydrangea Schneeball (syn. Snowball) Macrophylla.Hortensia. Dwarf form with round white flowerheads. Top cultivar for cut flower production. D.H. 60 x 50cm
Hydrangea Triumph Macrophylla. Hortensia. Flowers have pointed, slightly curled petals. Clear pink in alkaline soils. Tall. D. H.
Hydrangea Villosa Aspera lace cap. A tall, slow growing variety from China with pink and mauve lace cap flowers through late summer. Tolerates full sun and drier conditions. D. H. 3m
Hydrangea Vorster Fruhot Macrophylla. Hortensia. Flowers are deep pink with lime and pink-mauve in acid soil. This small variety has large flowers and is ideal for pots, tubs etc. D. H. 1m.
Hydrangea White Wave Macrophylla. Lacecap. Small fertile flowers of pink or blue, encircled by larger pearly-white florets. Tall. D. H.
Hydrangea Zaunkonig Macrophylla. Lacecap. Striking medium sized lacecaps of deep pink or rich lavender in acid conditions. Attractive scalloped sepals. D.H. 1.5m
Knightia excelsa (Rewarewa) Slender, erect, tapering tree with glossy dark green foliage. Bottlebrush red flowers attract birds from Oct.-Dec. E. H. 15m
Kunzea ericoides (Kanuka / Tea Tree) NZ native. Small tree with narrow aromatic leaves. The small pinkish-white flowers smother the branches through Spring and Summer. E.H.15m
Laurus nobilis angustifolia (Willow-leaf bay tree) This attractive, less common, Bay tree is a valuable ornamental tree as well as a useful culinary plant. Erect growth with narrow, mid green foliage. Tolerates clipping. H. E. 8m
Lavandula Avon View (stoechas) Compact, vigorous N.Z. bred hybrid. Large purple flower spikes on long peduncles. E. HH. 80cm x 80cm
Lavandula dentata Easily distinguished by aromatic, toothed leaves. Tall spikes of lavender-blue flowers in Winter and Spring. 1m
Lavandula Foveaux Storm (angustifolia) Compact growing English lavender with rich purple, velvety, sweetly fragrant flowers on 15cm stems. Full sun, sharp drainage. E. H. 40cm x 40cm
Lavandula Grosso (intermedia hybrid) (syn. Dilly Dilly) Compact cultivar. Masses of violet blooms from early Summer to Autumn. Leading oil producer. Also known as 'Dilly Dilly' & 'Wilson's Giant'. E. H. 40cm x 60cm
Lavandula Hidcote (angustifolia) This english lavender has a compact, bushy habit with silver-grey foliage and short stemmed, fragrant deep dark violet flowers. Great small hedge, container or mass planting. H. E. 30cm x 30cm
Lavandula Imperial Gem (angustifolia) Bushy medium growth habit. Grey-green foliage and deep violet flowers. Sweet fragrance. E. H. 60-70cm
Lavandula Major (stoechas) Upright, open habit with grey-green foliage. Deep purple flowers with large purple bracts from early Spring into Summer. E. HH. 60cm x 60cm
Lavandula My Choice (dentata) This dentata cultivar has a dense compact growth habit. The leaves are shorter and wider than dentata and the flowers are larger E. H. 1m x 75cm
Lavandula Pacific Blue (angustifolia) Semi-dwarf form of angustifolia. Stunning display of vibrant blue flower spikes on long stems. Early flowering. Suitable for oil production and dried flowers. E. H. 45cm x 45cm
Lavandula Pukehou (pedunculata) Upright growing with grey-green foliage. Luminescent purple flowers with large purple bracts early Spring to Summer. Great visual impact. E. HH. 60cm x 60cm
Lavandula Rosea (angustifolia) One of the earliest flowering varieties. The attractive pink flowers provide contrast to other cultivars. Suitable for hedging. E. H. 40-60cm
Lavandula Super (intermedia Hybrid) (syn. Arabian Nights or Impress Purple) Long, wedge shaped, loosely compact, sweetly scented flowers of deep violet, bloom for a long period. Vigorous habit. E. H. 75cm x 90cm
Lavandula Violet Intrigue (PVR) (angustifolia) Upright, bushy with dense mid-green foliage. Vibrant, rich violet-blue flowers on long stems. (price includes royalty)
Leptospermum Burgundy Queen Scoparium. Bushy shrub with dark reddish-bronze foliage. Masses of deep burgundy double flowers in late winter and spring. E. H. 2m x 1.5m
Leptospermum Mahinepua Low growing weeping shrub. Mid green foliage and single white flowers in Spring. Great for trailing over walls. E. H. 50cm x 1m
Leptospermum Nanum Kea Scoparium. Compact, densely branched dwarf form with single, pale pink flowers Autumn-Winter. Olive-bronze foliage. E. H. 30cm x 45cm
Leptospermum Nanum Kiwi Scoparium. Showy, miniature shrub which flowers en masse with single, light red flowers in Spring. E. H. 30cm x 45cm
Leptospermum Pink Cascade Low growing, cascading shrub with new shoots red maturing to dark green, fragrant foliage. Masses of single two-toned pink flowers in spring and autumn. E. H. 50cm x 1.5m
Leptospermum Red Falls Scoparium.Semi prostrate, trailing form with dark green foliage. A profusion of single, vibrant-red flowers in spring and autumn. E. H. 50cm x 1.5m
Leptospermum scoparium (Manuka) Small tree, covered in masses of white flowers September to February. Hardy coloniser, tolerant of wet areas. E. H. 4m x 4m
Leptospermum Wiri Shelley Scoparium. A tall, erect growth habit with mid-green foliage. Distinctive, single flowers of vibrant rose-red through Spring. E. H. 1.7 x 1m
Leucanthemum Sparkles (syn. Chrysanthemum hosmariense) Shrubby perennial with finely cut, silvery-green foliage. Daisy-like white flowers are borne singly early Spring to early Autumn. E. H. 15cm x 30cm
Libertia Grasshopper (PVR) This libertia forms a dense clump of stiff bright green sword-like leaves. An abundance of dainty white iris-like flowers float above the foliage in early summer followed by orange seedpods. Price incl. royalty. E. H. 30cm
Lobelia angulata (Panakenake) (syn. Pratia angulata) Fast growing perennial with small, broadly oval, dark green leaves. Smothered in starry white flowers in Spring, followed by purplish-red fruits in Autumn. Prostrate groundcover. E. H.
Lonicera nitida (Box Honeysuckle) Densely branched shrub with dark green, small leafed foliage. Small cream flowers in Summer followed by dark blue fruit. Valuable small hedge. E. H. 2m x 3m
Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum Burgundy The reddish-purple foliage matures to purple-green and turns brilliant red in Autumn. A flush of magenta-pink flowers in Spring and sporadically throughout the year. E. H. 2m x 2m
Loropetalum chinense China Pink Low spreading shrub. Burgundy red foliage with vibrant candy-pink flowers in spring and autumn. Acid soils. E. HH. 60cm x 1m
Loropetalum chinense Rubrum Low spreading shrub. Red new foliage turning green. Vibrant candy-pink flowers in spring and autumn. Acid soils. E. HH. 60cm x 1m
Loropetalum chinense (Fringe Flower) Attractive bushy shrub with layers of arching branches. Mid-green foliage with creamy-white witchhazel- like fringe flowers in Spring. E. H. 1.5m x 1.5m
Melicytus crassifolius Compact shrub with heavily branched , arching habit and small olive-green leaves. Small lemon-green flowers are followed by white berries. Extremely tough. E. H. 1m x 1m
Melicytus ramiflorus (Mahoe, Whiteywood) Fast growing native with a spreading habit. Great shade tree with bright green foliage, white bark, green flowers followed by violet berries. E. H. 10m x 3m
Meryta sinclairii (Puka) Distinctive N.Z native with large, glossy green leaves. Salt tolerant but drought tender and frost tender when young. E. FT. 6m
Metrosideros carminea (Akakura) Self-clinging climber. Dark green, glossy foliage. Carmine red flowers August to October. E. HH.
Metrosideros robusta (Northern Rata) Slow growing, erect tree with dark green foliage and clusters of crimson-red flowers from Nov-Jan. The Project Crimson tree, cutting grown to ensure early flowering. Protect from frost when young. E. H. 10m x 5m
Muehlenbeckia astonii (Pohuehue) Dense,wiry upright shrub of interlacing and divaricating dark reddish-brown branches. Tiny bright green, heart-shaped leaves in clusters of 2 or 3 on short lateral stems. Minute flowers in spring followed by tiny translucent fruit. D. H. 2 x 1.5m
Muehlenbeckia axillaris Low growing native coastal shrub/groundcover. Glossy, bright green foliage. H. SD. 15cm
Muehlenbeckia complexa (Small-leafed Pohuehue) A dense tangled mass of intertwining, divaricating branches with tiny mid-green leaves. Profuse, minute, greenish slightly fragrant flowers Oct-June followed by white fleshy fruit. D. H. 60cm x 3m
Myoporum laetum (Ngaio) Fast growing native tree suitable for hedging, shelter. The leaves are thick, glossy green, narrowly oval and the flowers are starry white and spotted with lilac. E. H. 6m x 3m
Nandina domestica pygmaea Dwarf growing Chinese Sacred Bamboo. Compact, densely foliaged shrub with narrow leaves of green-purple-crimson. Colours at their most intense in winter. E. H. 60cm x 60cm
Olearia cheesemanii N.Z. native with lance shaped leaves glossy green on top and downy white beneath. Masses of small white daisy-like flowers smother the bush mid-Spring. E. HH. 2-3m x 1.5m
Olearia paniculata (Golden Ake Ake / Akiraho) Small multi-branched tree with yellow-green undulate foliage and small daisy-like flowers in late autumn. Great hedge/coastal plant. E. H. 5m x 2.5m
Olearia solandrii A medium size, heath-like shrub that gives a hazy, yellowish effect. The needle-like leaves are borne in clusters. Small, white, sweetly scented flowers appear in late Summer. E. HH. 1.2m x 1.2m
Ophiopogon japonicus Nana (Mondo Grass) Clump or mat-forming perennial with glossy, dark green, recurving foliage. Leaves 2-3mm wide. Lilac flowers in late Summer followed by blue-black berries. E. H. 20cm x 20cm
Ophiopogon japonicus Ultra-Dwarf Very tight, dwarf growth habit. Foliage dark green. E.H. 10cm x 15cm
Ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens Black Dragon Bold, selected form. Tufts of dark purple-black curving leaves 35mm x 5mm. Racemes of white or lilac flowers in Summer followed by glossy black berries. E. H. 35cm x 25cm
Ophiopogon planiscapus Mid to dark green foliage with leaves averaging 20cm long and 4-6mm wide. White bell-like flowers on 15-30cm stems followed by blue berries. E. H. 25cm x 25cm
Phormium cookianum (Mountain Flax / Wharariki) Upright flax with leaves of dark green up to 1.5m long. Panicles of yellowish-green flowers in summer attract birds. E. H. 1.5m x 2m
Phormium tenax (Swamp Flax / Harakeke) Robust, fast growing with stiff glaucous leaves 2-3m. tall. Flowers are deep red and attract nectar feeding birds. E. H. 3m x 3m
Photinia x fraserii Red Robin The most brilliant of the Photinias with shining, deep crimson new growth in spring. Good hedge plant. Salt tender. E. 2.5m x 1.5m
Pimelea prostrata Anatoki Blue This small mat-forming plant is an ideal border or rockery choice. Fine blue-grey foliage . The petite white flowers are fragrant. E. H. 15cm x 1m
Pimelia prostrata Native shrub with blue/grey green foliage. Small starry white flowers are followed by translucent white berries in winter. Responds well to pruning. E. H. 30cm x 1m . Low mounding form.
Pittosporum eugenioides (Lemonwood / Tarata) N.Z. native with narrow, glossy, pale green leaves which emit a lemon scent when bruised. Sprays of richly scented, pale yellow flowers in spring. E. H. 5m x 3m
Pittosporum tenuifolium (Kohuhu) Slender, erect, narrow, pyramidal native with almost black branches and twigs and bright, pale green , thin leaves. Sweetly fragrant deep red flowers in spring. E. H. 5m x 3m
Plagianthus divaricatus (Makaka) Marsh ribbonwood', Densely branched shrub or small tree bearing sweet-scented white flowers September to November. Grows in salty, marsh conditions and poor gravelly soils. SD. H. 4m
Plagianthus regius (Manatu / Ribbonwood) syn. betulinus. A graceful, slender, medium sized tree with serrated leaves. Large panicles of white flowers in late spring. Juvenile growth is intensely twiggy. E. H. 15m
Poa cita (Silver Tussock) Graceful, densely tufted tussock of flowing habit. Light tawny-yellow with some green. Heavily rolled leaves. Flower stems 30-100cm tall. E. H. 50-90cm
Podocarpus totara Matapouri Blue Beautiful glaucous-blue foliaged totara cultivar. Upright pyramidal habit. Trims well and can be hedged. E.H. 6m x 4m
Pratia Angulata (now Lobelia Angulata) (Panakenake) Fast growing perennial with small, broadly oval, dark green leaves. Smothered in starry white flowers in Spring, followed by purplish-red fruits in Autumn. Prostrate groundcover. E. H.
Pratia County Park A dense, mat-forming herbaceous groundcover. Bright green foliage with deep blue flowers. E. HH. Low spreading habit.
Pseudopanax arboreus (Five Finger) Large, lustrous, deep green, compound leaves comprising 5 to 7 leaflets. Tiny honey scented, green flowers in Summer are followed by bunches of purple-black berries. E. H. 4m x 3m
Pseudopanax laetus Bushy, multi-branched shrub with large, deep green glossy leaves of 5-7 broad oval leaflets. Has sweet scented greenish-purple flowers then purple-black berries. 3m x 1.5m
Rhopalostylis sapida (Nikau Palm) New Zealands iconic native palm. Prefers a moist shady site. Slow growing. E. FT. 10m
Rosmarinus Blue Lagoon Dark green, semi-prostrate with curving branches. Violet-blue flowers in early Summer in numerous axillary branches. E. H. 75cm x 1m
Rosmarinus lavandulaceus (syn. prostrata) syn. Prostratus. Valuable, fast growing, dense, prostrate ground cover. Constant blooming of light blue flowers in clusters. E. H. 30cm x 2m
Rosmarinus Lockwood de Forrest Closely resembles R. lavandulaceus but has lighter, bright green foliage and richer blue flowers. Prostrate. E. H. 30cm x 2m
Rosmarinus Mozart A particularly good selection offering a mass of deep, cool-blue flowers. E. H. 1x1.5m
Rosmarinus Tuscan Blue Selected form of upright Rosemary with richer green foliage and bright blue-violet flowers. Rigid upright branches grow directly from the base. E. H. 1.3m x 1m
Scleranthus biflorus Slow spreading, moss-like, mound-forming ground cover with a bright-green cushion appearance. Light to medium sandy but moist soil. E. H. 10cm x 50cm
Scleranthus uniflorus A dense, moss-like perennial herb. Forms patches up to 20cm across. Bright green, tiny-leafed foliage. E. H.
Sophora microphylla (Kowhai) Distinguished from S. Tetraptera by smaller leaflets and tangled juvenile growth. Also blooms later. SD. H. 6m x 3m
Sophora tetraptera (Kowhai) Slender, small, spreading tree of graceful habit with dark green foliage of many tiny leaflets. Abundant clusters of golden yellow flowers in Spring. SD. H. 4.5m x 3m
Spiraea japonica Anthony Waterer A compact shrub with narrow, oval, deep-green foliage. Is smothered with carmine-red flower heads for long periods from early Summer to Autumn. SD. H. 1m x 1m
Tetratheca bibelles Australian native. Compact, dwarf shrub with bunches of bell-shaped, mauve-pink flowers for most of the year with a flush in spring. Dry tolerant. E. H. 50 x 60cm
Teucrium fruticans Dense, fast growing shrub with aromatic grey-green oval leaves with white undersides. Bears deep blue or lilac flowers in spring and summer. Can be clipped to shape. E. H. 2m x 2m
Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) Evergreen climber with glossy, deep green, oval-lanceolate leaves. Intensely fragrant racemes of pure white starry flowers smother the plant late spring - summer. E. H.
Veronica pedunculata Oxford Blue (syn Georgia Blue) Cascading plant with china-blue flowers for most of the year. Full sun. Great for containers or herbaceous border. E. H. 30 x 50cm
Viburnum japonicum A handsome shrub with large, oval, dark green leaves. Red berries follow terminal clusters of fragrant, white flowers in autumn. E. H. 1.8 to 4.5m tall.
Zephyranthes candida (Rain Lily / Fairy Lily) Clump forming perennial with narrow, green strap-like leaves. Showy, white crocus-like flowers appear from spring through summer. Known as rain lily as it bursts into flower after rain. E. H. 30cm x 30cm

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